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How to Order:

Please send an email to ozbob@bigpond.com or phone 0414 991 533.

Please email or have ready your full optical prescription as based on your spectacles (this means include any distance power/near power/astigmatism/add powers/prism etc), as well as a measurement known as your PD. Most optical stores will give you this number, if you do not have it, it is simple to measure with our guidance. We do not need this to quote, but will need it to make the lenses. 

We will respond with what we believe is the best lens for your prescription, and discuss whether or not you have your own mask or would like to purchase one through us. We can get any mask on the Australian market. Following a quote, if you wish to go ahead we can begin the process to have your custom made prescription scuba mask underway. The process takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.

Call or email us today for your quote!  
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