Ozbob Scuba Australia-FAQs-Ozbob Scuba

Ozbob Scuba Australia-FAQs-Ozbob Scuba


How do I order a mask? Simple! Email us with a copy of your latest prescription, including any astigmatism, add powers or prism, and a measurement known as your PD. If you are having an eye test to update your script for the mask, make sure your optometrist does not pre-alter your prescription. As water has a magnification power of its own, we alter your prescription slightly on our end to cater for this, so you have 100% clarity under water.
Can I claim on my health fund? Yes! As we are a full scope optometrist your receipt will have a provider number allowing you to submit your receipt and receive a rebate on your new lenses. This is provided you havn't already used your limit for the year, and that you are covered for optical. If you pick your mask up, we can claim in store with your health fund card.

Can I put a multifocal prescription in a mask? Yes you can use a multifocal prescription, but we cannot do a multifocal lens! It is impossible to make a scuba mask lens the same as a multifocal design as these require curved lenses, and scuba masks are flat lenses. Instead, we offer a bifocal lens where there is a faint line distinguishing between distance and reading. This is very popular and all my customers who wear multifocals normally have no trouble with using a bifocal underwater. Check out all our photos of bifocals to see what they look like.  

Can I order a mask through you, or try one on? Absolutely! I can get any mask on the Australian market, and have a large range in store you can come and try on. I've attached links to my major brands on our website. Some of the most popular are from Scubapro, Tusa, Cressi, Mares, Apollo and Aqua Lung.

Can I get any mask? Unfortunately for those with relatively strong prescriptions, not all masks will work. This is because of the thickness of the lens, and the volume of the mask, we want to avoid any lens touching your cheek or eyelashes. Once you've told us your prescription, and ideal mask, we will advise whether or not it is suitable.

Can I pick it up when it is ready? Of course! Visit our optometrist website www.sturdeeeyes.com.au for our opening hours.

Do you ship internationally? Yes we do! We have shipped masks to many locations across the globe, and have connections with many dive shops internationally. Shipping prices vary depending on location and customs.

How long does it take? The general turn around time from lenses getting ordered to being fitted is approximately 2 weeks. If you need something sooner please ask and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Can I use my own mask? Yes! We do not charge any additional cost for you to use your own mask, we just need to know the style so we can make sure your lenses and prescription is suitable in the mask.

My mask is a single plate, can I use it? Yes you can. There are photos of completed single plate masks in our 'Photos' section. Aesthetically it is not as nice looking as two seperate lenses,. but it does not effect your vision.

Can I use the same mask again if my script changes, or do I have to buy a new one? Depending on the condition of the mask, we may be able to remove the lenses which takes a few days. Alternatively, we usually just order new inserts for your mask provided it is a current model and parts are still available through our suppliers.

How does the lenses get inserted? The lenses get bonded to the inside of the original glass using a tough and optically superior bonding agent that lasts forever.

Can I have an eye test done there too? Absolutely! We are a full scope optometry practice that bulk bill, and have been together for over 35 years. We originally were the optometrist at Grace Brothers, Warringah Mall from 1982, until 2009 moving to Sturdee Eyes in Sturdee Parade, Dee Why. You are more than welcome to book an appointment with us if you'd prefer to have your prescription tested and made with us. Just ring (02) 9972 1200.

 What warantee do you offer? We offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with your mask. Any faults in the mask itself (if the mask was also purchased through me) such as strap breakages will be replaced by the manufacturer within their given warrantie periods.  

Where can I leave a review? Please leave reviews on our website or Facebook page - Ozbob Custom Prescription Scuba Masks or tag us on social media (Instagram: ozbob_scuba) in your new mask! We thank everyone for their support of small businesses in Australia.