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1. Are the lenses ground into one piece?

No the lenses are made just like spectacle lenses except the curves are different, then they are shaped and bonded onto the inside of the original mask lenses.


2. Can I buy them at the scuba shop?

You can buy the mask but the lenses are specially made so they have to be manufactured by us, the scuba shop can have them made through us on your behalf.


3. My friend is short-sighted he purchased lenses through the scuba shop?

True, the only ready made lenses available over the counter are easy Myopic lenses e.g.:- -3.00 up to

–8.00, these are simple powers but still good if you only need simple minus lenses. The end result with over the counter is not 100% clarity, I produce 100% Clarity.


4. I have Astigmatism can you do that?

Yes, a straight minus lens as described before creates a single focus in the eye, Astigmatic people have 2 points of focus inside there eye. To check if ready made or custom made is needed always ring us first. If O/s Dial (+61) In Oz ring 0414 991 533 or take a pic of your prescription and SMS me.


5. I have worn glasses all my life I now need extra help to read gauges can you make these.

A Bifocal is a lens with distance vision and reading vision built into one lens, this lens can also have Astigmatism , it can also be Positive powered or Negative powered, in fact we can make almost anything. Divers in the 40+ age group may only need help with gauges and camera's, in this situation a pair of gauge readers are all that is needed if you wear Multifocals I have to insert a Bifocal to give the Dist and Reading correction.


6. Can I use big single plate masks? or what is best

We can make these but they are cosmetically ugly, we much prefer the medium to smaller masks so the lenses can fit in neater, Best is a mask with two lenses and can be dismantled. Visit our photo's page to view some of the shape's we use.


7. Can I use Contact lenses instead of Ozbob lenses?

You can but if one comes out or you get something under one lens you may run into problems, especially if you are at depth, essential vision has been lost and cannot surface straight away. A Bubble of air under a lens is also painful and dangerous, do this at your own risk.


8. Can I claim some money back from my health fund in Australia?

Yes if you are covered for optical and have not used up your claims in the health funds claiming period I have a provider number which is required to be able to claim.


9. My Optometrist said the centre’s have to be right?

True this is why even a simple -3.00 in ready-made’s for example can be not quite right. The centre’s or PD ( Pupillary Distance) of ready made’s are set approx 60mm apart. People’s eye’s vary in separation from lets say 58mm up to 71mm so ready made’s are more times wrong with the centre’s than right, being a spectacle maker I aim to get the centre's ( PD ) right.


10. Can I just go to my Optometrist to have a mask made?

You can try, Ozbob makes these all the time, I doubt whether your optometrist even knows they can be made so if you wish you can try but if you have a holiday coming up don’t ring us in a panic if things don’t happen as you wish, lenses can take up to 4 weeks to make because this is not like making a pair of spectacles there is more involved.

11. What if I am not happy?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy you get 100% of your money back, our reputation is excellent in the scuba industry and we intend to keep it that way.


12. Do you send overseas?

Yes we have sent many overseas; we are still building our reputation O/S
Update 3/3/17 our overseas clients now trust the product and are ordering without fear again our reputation is important.


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